The Commission on trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Africa

The Commission “Russia-Africa” of all-Russian
Public organization “Investment Russia”

The Chairman
of the Commission

Veselov Dmitriy

The co-chairman and vice-president of all-Russian public organization “Investment Russia”

The founder and the leader of the Foundation of “intelligent” patrons “Veselov and partners”

The co-Chairman
of the Commission

Aranovich Stanislav

The president of all-Russian public organization “Investment Russia”.

The Members of the Commission


Bespalov Aleksandr

The former co-founder and senior partner of Apex Group (investments in Africa)

The president of Investor Relations Club

The Development Director of the “AgentFNS” counterparty verification service


Manovich Pavel

The chairman of “The committee for the development of instruments for financing small and medium-sized businesses”;

The founder of the platform for small and medium-sized businesses support“ растибизнес.рф”


Bargov Vladimir

The chairman of the Board “National Guild Manufacturers and Importers”

The objectives of the Commission

The aim of creation and work of the Commission:

Assistance for Russian entrepreneurs in entering African markets and signing contracts. Support of Russian companies on each stage in development of perspective markets. The expansion of trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Africa.

The tasks of the Commission

1. To advise Russian companies on following issues:

  • search of customers, suppliers, partners;
  • to advise on logistic, legal, tax and security issues;
  • to advise on financial support of export activity, registration of legal persons.

2. Organization of business missions, meetings, negotiations.

3. Assistance in document preparation for participation in projects and tenders, presentations and commercial offers.

4. Organization and accompanying of communications.

5. Carrying out marketing researches and market analytics.

Directions of the Commission’s work

1. Cooperation with relevant government authorities, structures, boards, business societies, trade representatives of the countries.

2. The organization and participation in business events, conferences, round tables concerning Russia-Africa.

3. The creation and development of the platform for the cooperation between Russian and African companies.

4. Cooperation with embassies and consulates of African countries in Russia and Russian missions in Africa.

5. Cooperation with financial structures in Russia and Africa, with the aim of assistance in realization of exporting contracts.



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